How To Get The Most Out Of Your Flip

Hello  hello my loyal subjects. So I wanted to write a bit on how to get the most profit out of your flip. Of course, you can do a ton of things, but let’s talk […]

The Benefits Of A Good Contractor

The Benefits Of A Good Trustworthy Contractor Dave our contractor is such an awesome find. Let me give you a bit of a snippet what happened yesterday. And write this off as “the benefits of […]

Demo day

What is today? Today is..   DEMO DAY!! Today is a good day. We can destroy things! Big-ass hammer, and we can go to town. I feel like Thor. A black Thor, call me.. Blhor!! […]

How To Work With A Contractor

How To Work With A Good Contractor

December 26th How To Work With A Contractor We Closed!! And Dave has started the Demo. We didn’t even sign the contract with Dave yet and he is already swinging the hammer. A good sign […]

Buried Oil Tank Removal Test Result

December 7 2017 GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! Buried Oil Tank Soil Test Results We got our soil sample back! Now we can finally close… so we thought. We should have done the title search much sooner. […]

How to remove a buried oil tank

Recap, December 1st 2016. We have a house under contract, a thus far good contractor, and a buried oil tank! How To: Remove A Buried Oil Tank We did a lot of research on how […]

Buried Oil Tank

November 11 2016. Here Come The Issues. So we had several contractors walk the house to give us bids on the rehab work. We have eliminated all but one. Mr Dave. When he walked the […]

Finding The Right Contractor -Part II

Dave Miller

Finding The Right Contractor -Part II So I have developed the most amazing way how to find a keeper of a contractor. So I have interviewed about 6 contractors on site. I will pick 3 […]

Finding The Right Contractor -Part I

Finding The Right Contractor -Part I

Finding The Right Contractor. Finding The Right Contractor! So, let us recap. Last entry, we wrote about: How To Find An Amazing Deal. We have the property under contract. It is a house we bought in cash […]