Finding The Right Contractor -Part I

Finding The Right Contractor.

Finding A Good Contractor in Connecticut
UPDATE: This contractor’s name is DAVID MILLER. He is also on biggerPockets asking for loans. He is a scam artist and a charlatan. He stole money from us and ran> Luckily I was able to reclaim it as my Credit Card company found out he was indeed a thief. All paperwork can be provided that shows he is a scam artist. STAY AWAY!!

Finding The Right Contractor!

So, let us recap. Last entry, we wrote about: How To Find An Amazing Deal. We have the property under contract. It is a house we bought in cash from a seller in CLinton Connecticut. We are more than happy! The obvious next step is finding a contractor asap.

Why asap?

Well… many reasons:

  1. The obvious ones are: you want to put the property back on the market asap. The longer you hold on to the property the more costs are associated with it (holding costs).
  2. The sooner you start, the more time you have dealing with issues that come up. Yes, they WILL come up!
  3. But we had an other reason to get a contractor on it asap! The roof was in really poor condition. We needed a new roof before snowfall. Remember we were already almost into november by then. And we still needed to resolve some title issues.
  4. We needed to put the property on the market by March 1st. This is a non-negotiable deadline as that is the perfect day to list a brand spanking freshly rehabbed property so that buyers can fight over it.

So to put things into perspective. Meanwhile I am still trying to find more motivated sellers that need to sell their house in Connecticut fast. We  buy houses anywhere in CT, from Bridgeport CT to Hartford CT and anything in between and beyond!

Before any work can be done securing the house for winter, we need to:

  1. close on the property and,
  2. need to replace the roof ASAP.

So in order to have a contractor work on the roof we still need to close and find a contractor. In order to close we need to resolve the aforementioned title issues! So we were in a hurry!!

And we thought the drama you see on HGTV was fake..

So here we are walking the property with several contractors.

I will now give a very neat trick how to vet contractors. I think this is such an awesome trick it deserves a separate entry. So I will stop here. Remember to those needing more info on selling or buying your house in connecticut, visit us on our connecticut home buyers page.



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