SEO For Real Estate Investors

SEO For Real Estate Investors

ACTUAL SEO For Real Estate Investors

This article will deviate a bit from the norm. This is about flipping houses, but it will focus more on the SEO side of things. The way I see it, how will you flip a house if you can’t get any houses TO flip. That is why I think How to SEO For Real Estate Investors is important!

It bothers me to NO END when I read articles about SEO, especially about Search Engine Optimization for Real Estate Investors, as this is my bread and butter! So this is dedicated to all the experts out there and trying to teach them how it is done, and to all of you that actually want to UNDERSTAND SEO and not just follow and apply erroneous regurgutated crap to your website without thinking it through!

To recap… The Clinton Rehab is approaching the end. FINALLY.This house was such a nightmare. But we have learned a lot.

The bad thing (well one of the many many bad things), is that I had no time to take any new incoming leads seriously, as well as working on my SEO. Since we started dominating the first page and the first position on the first page we have gotten many many leads and we couldn’t process any of them, which is really bad.

We now spend no money on direct mail marketing and our leads are now top quality leads.  Now that we are solving all the issues with the house and we got a (WAY) above asking price offer, it is time to go back to my websites and processing any and all leads that are coming in and back track all the leads we have missed.

I am also getting a team together because I simply can not do it all. I have had an real estate agent contact me as she was eager to team up with us.

We are getting noticed, that is a definite! But that is for an other day!

All other pages about SEO for real estate Investing I have read, are simply listing tips. How useless is that. SEO is a dynamic concept, it is not static. It changes, it depends on your goal, oe your website. Providing a list of tips is for people that have xero understanding of SEO and I will try to break this habit with this post.

Functional seo is about understanding what SEO is in it’s core. Don’t just say “Search Engine Optimization”. To provide you with actionable information on SEO, we need to take a few steps back and determine exactly what your goal is concerning SEO, right?

In all honesty you do not care about ranking. You care about making deals, getting leads, so you can make a deal. SEO is just a step in that process to get you these leads by the ability of being found by people looking for your services.


Plan Of Action To Get More Leads Using SEO

So how do you “SEO For Real Estate Investors”? Well first, you need to establish where you are. Better put: How bad your standing is on Google, and how bad your site performs.

I do not care how good it is, it is more important to  me how bad it is. Where can your site be improved. So let’s take my site as an example.

My stats now are as follows. I get about 17 leds a week on a good week, averaging out to about 10 to 13 leads a week.

So, how bad is my site really?

Pretty bad .. to be honest. The reason is, I just didn’t have the time and energy to really tackle it. So what is bad about it…

How Do I Improve My SEO On My Real Estate Investing Site?

Consider this:

It is much easier to rank for city specific pages. Much harder to rank nationally. Yet I am already on the top for anything “Connecticut ” Related.

But any seller that is in a specific city, let’s say Cheshire CT, is not going to type “I need to sell my house in Connecticut”. No no, they will more likely type “I need to sell my house in Cheshire Connecticut”. They will search for their city. Then why are we getting so many leads? I think it is because our online presence.

We have done such a good job with our SEO, that we will pop up the moment anyone searches something real estate, selling, connecticut related.

And this brings me to my big secret how we outranked other companies that have been SEOing for years and years while we have been doing it for just months. NO SEO company will put as much effort, detail and quality for their clients as  am willing to do for my own company! THAT s why no one can beat us when it comes to SEO. I am working in it 24/7!!

So now it is time to take back what is rightfully mine. I want to rank and blow away any competition for any and all relevant keywords. So what is the highest priority keywords to claim back?

Well, “we buy houses in [CITY] CT” and “Sell My House In [CITY] CT”.

So we just made a deal with someone in Cheshire CT that needed to sell their house. We agreed to wholesale the property and we found several buyers for it. So hopefully in 2 weeks we will get a nice wholesale reward.

But here is the funny thing. I do not have a city specific page for Cheshire CT.

So I made one 2 days ago. And guess what happened. The second I published the page, (and did a google crawl…) it immediately jumped to #1 position on the ranks!


Keyword1: “Sell My House In Cheshire CT

Sell My House In Cheshire CT
“Sell My House In Cheshire CT” Google Search Results

Keyword 2: “We Buy Houses In Cheshire CT”

We Buy Houses In Cheshire CT
“We Buy Houses In Cheshire CT” Google Search Results

For both keywords, we are ranking first! And this page was just 5 minutes old. I am expecting it to fluctuate a bit but I am confident it will remain number 1.

So what does this tell me?

I need to make more pages of cities I am not currently have on the site, and I need to revamp all the city pages I have on the site to include all I have learned of SEO this past year. (All the city pages I have were made before I knew what I know now, and most of them are not ranking on the first spot in Google. But This will change!)

SO here is the game plan…

  1. I am doing a google search on all my competitors and I will read through their sites.
  2. I will fish out all the keywords they are trying to rank for and I will out rank them.
  3. Note which cities they are trying to rank for and create pages for those cities.
  4. I will include these keywords into my pages. What does this do? My DA is probably stronger than theirs, so even if we fight for the same keywords, I will outrank them because my DA is stronger.

I have started making that lost of cities I will revamp. Cheshire was a new addition. Our We Buy Houses In Glastonbury CT, is the next revamp. (and yup, I included that little text to get me a nice juicy backlink to it!). This is why you should start  legitimate blog!

Here is the story behind it.

I found out a new development and a neat trick when it comes to SERPs and rankings. Do me a favor. Google “We Buy Houses In Connecticut”.

You will see this:

SEO For Real Estate Investors
Google Search Results for “We Buy Houses In Connecticut”

Those that have followed me for a while know I love to brag about my little flirts with google. Other than the mini links we are honored with by Google (we are the only ones getting them organically… without having to pay for it) we having a whole section dedicated to our company to the right of the SERPs.

But look  closely… We have an Ad now where you can get an offer from us STRAIGHT OUT OF THE SERPs!!! And it is FREE!!!

So before you as a seller, even can make a choice which site to click they already see my “Hey, get your offer here”, with a picture and everything!! That is pretty huge and to me at least, unheard of! The best thing is that I know EXACTLY how to get this. I have deciphered the code. Not everyone can get it however, it really depends on the domain name and what keywords you are after.

Lucky me… The keywords: “Sell My House In Connecticut“, and “We Buy Houses In Connecticut“… are MINE!!! Meaning… I own the domain names and However, I will still help those that ask to be helped. So let me know in the comments if you need help with this. If so I will write a how to on it.

Believe me I am eager to list down all the things to do in step by step form how to get on google ranking 1. And indeed I DO have this list. But giving it away on an open forum will undermine my efforts to rank. Having said this I will help anyone out with the how to if they are serious, and gives as well. Those that only take should have no place on my blog. We can help eachother out.

All it takes is a comment, a like, interaction on each others facebook comments, posts, on our websites and blogs. Why no one does it is beyond me. I managed to rank 1 on google doing it alone. (With Help from Investor Carrot, Brian Dean, and Neil Patel. But these awesome people provided me with the guidelines. The work I did alone. AND IT WAS HARD.

It would be SO much easier if we all banned together and pushed each other up.


Here are my links.

Interact, with us, like us and post on our pages.Put your pages in the comments as well so we can like you right back! Let’s do this!!

This is the best and easiest way to beat the competition.. before your competition has the same idea!!

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