Flipping Houses For Huge Profits!

Flipping Houses For Huge Profits! (Over and Over and Over again…)

-A Lifestyle Makeover

Hi, we are Jess and Jerryll. Jerryll started this company as a one-guy team and got his business and website started in 2016. Jess came on board quite recently and is now helping out, Thank heavens!

Flipping for huge profits
Yes! This is one of our actual flips (in Clinton, CT)

“Flip Houses For Huge Profits… it’s easy, they say, look at HGTV! If they can do it, so can we!”

Have you ever thought this?

We’ve all seen those shows on HGTV and realized how fun, easy and simple it is to flip houses for repeated success, fame, and fortune. Right? Well, obviously, it is not all “easy-sailing” through flipping a house.

If you are just starting out, one flip gone sour will easily have you yelping, “Game Over,” and you could very well be facing financial ruin. Here is where we come in!

Unlike most house flipping and rehabbing blogs out there giving you cold tips, we are actually going to practice what we preach and show you not just the result, as we all love before and after pictures, but also we will show you what happens and how it happens in-between the before and after!

Yes yes, my lucky friends… we will do what we say and show you with crisp quality pictures and videos how it went. You will clearly see the tears pouring out of our eyeballs when we mess up, because, oh yeah.. it is not about if we mess up.. it is about when we do, and how you deal with it! We have always bought houses in Connecticut.

We are Jess and Jerryll!

Jerryll Noorden and Jessica Roman
That Flipping Couple. Welcome to our blog!

So, of course, to make this a personal experience for all involved, an introduction is in order!

We are Jess and Jerryll.

Jerryll is a NASA robotics scientist (well, an ex-NASA scientist), and Jess is a jack of all trades when it comes to fixing houses. A perfect team, don’t you think?

We are (now) investors having watched one too many episodes of HGTV. We have been growing in popularity, and we are buying many properties from you kind homeowners, and we are having the time of our lives. All we can say is that it is fun, exciting, scary, and fulfilling. Don’t get me wrong. In the beginning, it was not all that fun. But once established and making deals, it becomes a lot of fun.

Flip Houses For Huge Profits

So for whom is this blog meant?

This Blog Is For Everyone

– Even if you do not want to flip houses for gigantic profits, you have to admit, people love watching others sweat their buns off as they go through hell and back, even if just to see if there will be a happy ending in the end! Oh, we know you all very well!

If you want to watch a fun little show/adventure where things are not staged, repetitive and predictable, (Doesn’t Tarek ever learn not to bid high on auctions he has never seen before? Or how much bad luck do you need to have to always open the door, and the house is “unsurprisingly” a MESS!

Or My dear Chip and Joanna Gaines. I love you both. You guys are cute real, and funnnny. But Jojo, do you have to distress everything? Ughhh. And shiplap shiplap SHIPLAP!! No, no, no.

This Blog Is For You Homeowners

– That want to sell your house fast but have no idea how to go about it, what is involved, and who out there is honest, real competent, and legit (Yes, we are the only ones, all others are fake 😉 ) 😛

If you DO want to sell fast but are sick of all these vultures ahum… I mean, investors trying to take advantage of you, try us. We make offers based on the numbers, not based on how fast you need to sell or how desperate you may or may not be! We operate several Motivated Home Seller Websites. We started with one but realized it would be more fun to compete against ourselves rather than competing against our competitors. So we played with some keywords, and we got 2 more websites. One of these sites focuses more on what a distressed house seller would type into Google to find our CT Cash House Buying Website.  The 3rd site, well, we already had this domain name, and that name focuses more on making fast all cash offers on your house in CT. And yes, we are just awesome people! ^_^

This Blog Is For Other Investors

– That want to learn, spy on us and finally find out why we are so successful! We are not afraid of competition. Why? Because we do not rely on others being less awesome than us. We are popular because we are the best versions of ourselves, and the moment you realize this, there suddenly is no competition. SO, we welcome you to our corner whether you are a homeowner, a reality show junky, an investor, or a competitor. Welcome, all!

How To Flip Houses For Big Profits

We have decided to start documenting our purchases in full detail. Yes, that’s right. This is not just about flipping houses.. oh no. This will document the entire process of how we invest.

  1. How To: Market for leads
  2. How To: Get leads,
  3. How To: Make offers,
  4. How To: Put the property under contract,
  5. How To: Close, how we make plans on what to do with that property,
  6. How To: Determine the budget to flip,
  7. How To: Determine the ARV (After Repair Value),
  8. How To: Analyze the deal
  9. How To: Put it on the market
  10. How To: Stage the property,
  11. How To: Choose colors, materials, themes, and quality of materials, to selling and putting the house back on the market and;
  12. How To: Make a profit.


That Flipping Couple
Hi, I am Jess.

We are asked constantly what we do with all these houses we buy here in Connecticut. Well, we flip them. Many investors make it all about money. I think we are the only ones that actually make this about fun. We love it!!

Hope you have fun, hope you learn from our mistakes and from our successes. We are going to make our own HGTV show called “That Flippin House“. Catchy, ain’t it?

So… if just reading a recipe of bulleted points on tips and tricks without actual functional information, how to, or why to, is really useless and boring to you, you will thoroughly love our blog.

OK, so let’s dive in.  Where to start.. how about at the beginning.. no?

How do we get our amazing deals?

Remember… subscribe, share, like, comment, and interact. We would love to get to know you!


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