13. Dealing With Setbacks During A Home Rehab/Flip

Dealing With Setbacks During A Home Rehab/Flip

Flipping a house in Connecticut. Snow!! We had a lot of setbacks, mostly due to the weather, and we are behind 2 weeks to be exact, and it looks like it is not getting any better. We were supposed to have the house listed on the 15th of March. So now, we are Dealing With Setbacks During A Home Rehab/Flip!

We are not happy! When you are racing against the clock and when it is crucial you list the house on that perfect sunny Saturday in spring, you have to do whatever it takes to get it ready!

With this entry, I will talk about what we did to make up for the lost time and speed things up.

But first the issues.

As an investor (well at least a “good investor”), you do not want to be dealing with repairs and rehabs. That is why you have spent so much time and energy scouting and vetting for the perfect contractor, right?

Well to make up for it without increasing budget, we now have to pitch in on the manual labor! Which sucks because every hour I am not working on my SEO for my money site, is a chance for my competitors to catch up.

But OK it can not be helped. To make things worse,  Google came out with a new update.

New Google Update March 2017

It basically targeted PBN and content.
Obviously, I do everything whitehat, but there are things I can not control.
I had 8 backlinks (my competitors had 200+) and now 4 of my backlinks vanished…

Luckily I work my SEO based on quality content (obviously, as I am ranking 1 for my terms with only 8 backlinks… so it is safe to conclude I am ranking because of content, citations, and internet presence), so my site was not affected…  much.

I did, however, drop from PA: 29 DA: 17 to PA: 27 DA:13
Which of course blows monkey ass!
My competitors, however, went to PA:1 DA:1. Serves you right for cheating the damn system you ^#)@*&@ M@5&#@ers!!

But you know what? My Google rankings were not affected, so I may actually have come out better… I hope!

If your site always had a PA:1 and a DA: 1 You MAY be affected as well, but you just can’t see it because you never had a good PA DA…
Be careful. Whitehat is where you have to stay!

But for more on the SEO technical side of things just go to my Mighty Investor Blog.

The reason why this is brought up here.. is now more than ever I need to focus on SEO.. but I am stuck swinging a hammer!

But OK,  progress on the flip.

So, let’s see. Where did we last report on…
Oh yeah. Sheetrocking the house.

Well, here is what happened.
My contractor subbed the painting so he could work in parallel. Painter paints the main floor while the contractor has and muds the basement.
The painter did a piss-poor job and now contractor needs to redo patching and fixing all that mess, which is seriously hurting us.

But oh well…

Cash For Houses In CT We Buy Houses In CT

Then snow blizzard from hell. Lost a few days because we couldn’t get to the house.

But alas here is where we are now.

Started painting.

The basement is rocked.
70+ recessed… don’t ask!! I have no idea how it suddenly added to 70!

But I will leave it at that for now because I will update this entry tomorrow with more pictures.

Next Up:

How-To Guide: Full Gut Rehab For Maximum Profit Step By Step Part I

Stay tuned.

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