Demo Day in CT

8. Demo day

What is today? Today is…


Today is a good day. We can destroy things! Big-ass hammer and we can go to town.

I feel like Thor. A black Thor, call me… Blhor!! So let’s step back for a second. Here is what the house looks like.

So now we spent the next 4 days demolishing the house and it feels good!

According to our draw schedule, demo and the roof was the task for the first week. Sadly, the weather was not cooperating and  “Winter is coming, John Snow!“.

As mentioned in an earlier entry, we needed to have the new roof up before snowfall. This did not change. So I pitched in and climbed on top of the roof like the monkey that I am and was working away.

Jerryll Replacing A Roof
Jerryll Replacing The Roof

Of course, we could not finish the roof in 3 days, but we did the next best thing. We removed all the old shingles, and we inspected the wood underneath. We replaced what needed to be replaced and we tried to put on new shingles (liner first). We couldn’t finish the entire roof in time. So 2 days into the project “Replace The Damn Roof Before It Snows“, we stopped putting shingles and we applied the liner first. If we didn’t finish with the shingles before snowfall, we should at least have finished installing the liner to make the roof waterproof in the least. We did not want water gushing in the house as that would cause too much damage and headache.

So we managed to do that before “Winter comes, You know nothing, John Snow!”

While winter was beating upon us we started the… DEMO DAY!! And that brings us up to speed. Where?


Here are some highlights of… DEMO DAAAAY!!!

While it is snowing out, we decided to be efficient and just get the demo done DEMO DAAAYY!!.

It kicked my ass, to be honest. Well damn, it is hard work!

And with this video, we are caught up to today. I will now do better trying to report progress on the fly as it happens! A lot of work sheesh!

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