Tips To Become A Successful House Flipper

24. How To: Become A Successful House Flipper!

A Lifestyle Makeover: Set Yourself Up For Success

OK… lots have changed! I am revamping this blog to reflect these changes! Becoming a successful house flipper, as promised in the head title, will not be accomplished by reading just this one here post son! Ever seen one of these hero movies where the bad guy sets up the unsuspecting hero of the movie for failure? You know, where the bad guy manipulates all the pieces of life around the hero so that the hero naturally gets framed? Sure you do! 

Free Your Mind, The Rest Will Follow

Well, just like that doing the opposite, changing your environment, your situation, your mindset, people around you in a specific way that would naturally result in you succeeding, is the secret to naturally succeed. And when you do, you wouldn’t even have an idea of how you did it. It just happened (with hard work and determination… of course).

Become A Successful House Flipper


This literally will be a lifestyle change in order to create an environment for yourself, both mentally and physically to make “becoming successful” possible/realistic. No, you are simply not going to be successful eating pizza on the couch and watch hours of TV, or not being in the mood to drive when you have to go out of your way to make a wholesale deal possible. Sorry…


Where We Currently Are

Maybe you know, maybe you don’t… but… I  started this company as a one guy team and got my business and website started in 2016. I worked my stinky monkey butt off to get my business situated ranking #1 on Google. Don’t believe me? Do a Google search for “We Buy Houses In Connecticut” and/or similar such keywords. You will find us at the top ^_^. 

After a bunch of successful wholesale deals, I graduated up to buying houses in cash and flipping them for bigger profits. My flips went all horribly wrong. Why… well blame it all on shady contractors but that will not be the focus here. This is about being successful. 

So ignoring the past and acknowledging where we are and how we got here, this is our situation right now. We have plenty of leads coming in from our awesome website (for free), we have plenty of personal goals and professional goals. How do we make it all work? 


Scaling Your Mindset

So here is the funny thing. It is, I guess, a form of evolution. You know… mountain goats didn’t go and moved to the steep mountain hills because they have shorter legs… No no you silly sausage, quite the opposite. Generations of mountain goats living on these steep slopes, the species evolve that way, due to generations of exposure to that environment.


My Situation Demanded A Change In Lifestyle

This is actually quite interesting if you think about it. So I changed my way of living and doing business BECAUSE I was forced to do so getting more leads and making more deals. Imagine for a moment if you will… I was used to watching cartoons and anime long hours of the day which I had to give up to make room for countless of walkthroughs as leads kept on pouring in. In order to process all these leads, I had to get a system going. Get organized, start planning, and systemize everything. There was no way to manage it all otherwise. So, being subjected to a situation and circumstance forces one to adapt in order to manage the current circumstance. 

Ohh Gaaadamn that was good. Let me fancify this a bit with awesome font:

Being subjected to a circumstance forces one to adapt/evolve in order to manage that current circumstance. 

-Jerryll The Minion Monkeybutt Noorden


Much better!

So why is this so interesting? Well, now you know that you can be successful in reaching the same end-results taking the reverse path. Why wait for circumstance, for it to mold your habits into a pattern in order to handle the success you are being subjected to? You can clearly do it in reverse order. Change your pattern now BEFORE you are successful SO THAT you can inherently become successful.

Follow me?

What’s New In This Blog And Why Should You Care?

Well, do you really think I am sitting here writing a blog because I am so kind to sacrifice my precious time to just share all my secrets with you? MUUHAHAHAHAHBWAHAHAA.. ohhh what a good laugh.. sigh… no! I am not. I am writing this .. yes BECAUSE I am kind sure… whatever, but more so for SEO reasons. Yes, I am a huge SEO guy. The BEST way to reap the benefits of SEO is to NOT try to manipulate Google or its users (you). You become an SEO God, by genuinely providing AWESOME content that the user will benefit from. And that is what I am trying to do here. To provide amazing content so you will read, like, share and visit this blog more often! How is that for honesty!

So Hush, shut up, sit yo ass down and enjoy this damn blog!

But seriously…

I started this blog as a guide to flipping houses,… but when you flip houses for a living, or at least, try to flip houses for a living, your lifestyle has to/will change in order to be successful at it. So now I am changing this blog significantly with a more in-depth focus on how to REALLY realistically make it.

Now, I am sure you have seen and probably even follow, these (sexy) “single” females on Instagram and Twitter, showing off their bodies in skinny tank tops, taking selfies of how they lay floors, with 1000’s of likes per picture. Yay for them, and we wish them all the best of luck getting discovered by HGTV

Sorry little ladies, but if you rely on luck, to make it, chances are you are not ever going to make it. And yes, to make it doing these Instagram post is pure luck!

Although it is definitely nice to have our own flipping show, there are priorities. Now that I have included Jess (having 2 daughters) in this adventure, things have certainly changed and priorities no longer focusing on my business alone. It is hard enough being a successful flipper as a single guy, now imagine doing all this work having a family that needs attention too. So what do you do? You use what you have to make it.


Flipping Houses As A Lifestyle.

We will document and show you our lifestyle, how we are becoming successful in our lives. Gym, Nutrition, physical growth, family, intellectual growth, all needed (we believe) to create a successful business and balancing private life vs the life of a flipper without killing each other or go completely crazy!

So if you are sick and tired of being stuck, in life, flipping houses, your grandpa body, getting leads, stuck with that hanging belly, just stuck… BELIEVE ME, it starts with the “Man in the mirror“. I know you won’t see the logic in this (yet) but just follow our journey, and join us. Join us in the gym, working on our sites, doing SEO, talking to sellers, going on walkthroughs and I can promise you, you are VERY likely to be successful. See, being successful is not about just the business. You need to be confident, have your life in order, feel good, be organized, be motivated, be healthy… all these things add up to overall success. 

What You Won’t Find Here:

Some woman doing a flip (solo) every 5 to 8 months… trying to convince you/the public, she is doing the work ALL by herself… Oh whatever, princess!

If this is what you want to be doing, you do not belong on this blog and GTFOff my blog freaking damn it. 


What You (Hopefully) WILL Find:

I/we will show you how we manage family, nutrition, gym, getting laid… I mean getting leads…, talking to leads, converting leads, meal plans, meal prepping, converting leads, signing contracts, wholesaling, buying, closing deals, flipping, and selling our flips, and managing and balancing it all… now wouldn’t that be a sweet blog and a functional and useful guidebook how to be successful in life flipping houses?  I am telling you.. if you want to be successful at… well anything, you NEED to start with yourself. Just believe that… and the best way to do this, or for you to believe me.. is to do it alongside us. Ask questions, interact, and let this be a gathering spot for everyone that seriously want to make it in life flipping houses (or wholesaling contracts). We can keep each other accountable! 

If you are interested in how to make serious money, and set up a serious house flipping machine, and want to see us doing 5, to 7 flips at time, learning how we manage it all, what tools, software, and methods we use, show you how we use it, managing it all, staying within budget and deadline, sharing our most awesome tricks and secrets how we save money, and I men serious awesome.. like… “WHAAAAAAAAA???!!?“-kind of tricks… by any means necessary (yes sometimes we have to do the work ourselves when flips go drastically wrong), then by all means shhhtickk around son. Take off your pants, get comfortable, and watch and laugh… I mean to learn as we try to become the next biggest thing in REI ever! 

Be sure to follow our Twitter and Instagram accounts as we will post there the on-the-fly updates of our daily schedules that just wouldn’t make sense to write a full blog entry about.  

Remember What You Are Fighting For

Here is a task for you to do to start a life of setting goals and accomplishing them. Create a video, just for you, and show yourself who you are, what you are all about, what is important to you and what you are fighting for. This video is not about how and what you are currently. The video is about who you want you to be and fighting to be! 

This is Jess’ video as an example. Make the video and play it regularly. Focus and keep your eyes on the goal, always!

Remember, just like my other pretty awesome Real Estate Investing Blog, this is not just a collection of posts of opinion or an after-the-fact success story, this will be a diary of all the things we are currently doing. This is not a collection of show off articles how some dude and his uber-sexy chick have made it years ago and now after they don’t even remember the struggles try to share how they did it.

No no, this is a real-time diary of the things we are doing now that is consistently (yet slowly) pushing us to the top. That is why this is so powerful. Stop sitting at the sidelines watching another couple make it big. Make it big at the same time as we are.  will tell you this.. we are so Gaaadamn motivated and eager and ready for this… NOTHING is ever going to be in our way to make it big. If you are like us, then hang with us! 

This blog will have entries about:

Stick with us! You won’t believe me at first, I know this. But as we progress and we are slowly but surely becoming a superpower and an REI force to be reckoned with, you will wish you followed along with us. So ALl I will say is this… what do you have to lose? Now… what would you have to gain? 


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