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1. How To Buy A House To Flip

How To Buy A House To Flip

How To Buy A House To Flip? If you never heard the saying: “You make money when you buy“,  then write this down. This is the key to success. Basically, what that means is you need to buy the house at the right price. You set your profit margins when you buy. This is very important. In this post, we will explain How:

Buying the house for the right price does not ensure success, but buying it for the wrong price and there is no way to recover the loss and this before you even start any work!

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How To Buy A House To Flip For Insane Profits Every Time?

Simple! Set Yourself Up For Success. Besides sounding like a fortune cookie, this is very important. It is pointless to buy a house no matter the bargain if no one is interested in living in that area. You will be stuck with a house no one wants to buy or rent, for that matter.

Location Location

.. No, I am not going to say it 3 times!  You get the point.

Now often, people will start talking about perfect school districts, conveniently located to shops and attractions, etc., etc. Sure, all that has merit, but what is actually important is the following. Is the location desirable, yes or no? If people want to be in the area, then you are good to go. You have a pool of buyers!

Know What You Are Buying

In other words, “Know what you are getting yourself into”. However bad the condition of the house, you better have a good idea of how bad it is. You need to leverage the ARV (After Repair Value) of the house with the Repair Cost against your offer.

I know you want to get to the flipping impatiently, so I won’t make this too long. Just be sure you do the numbers, pray to the Flippin Gods, and hope you got the house at a good (yet fair) price!

So onwards!

As promised, we will document the entire process from beginning to end. Well, it all starts by getting leads!

How We Get Our Leads

We, at We Buy Houses In Connecticut, are experts in Direct Mail Marketing and SEO Content marketing. (All will be explained in a few seconds).

We do not do paid advertising (yet), but we are going to explore this option in the near future.

If you are a homeowner and you need to sell your house, there are great ways to do this efficiently. Find local home buyers easily in your area, no matter where you are

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is where you send mailers out to potential leads in hopes they will reach out to you after reading your mailer in order to sell their house to you. Some commonly used Direct Mailing pieces include:

  • Postcards
  • Yellow Letters
  • Official letters,
  • Handwritten letters

What you have to notice here is that the mailer is as good as the package it comes in. If the mailers don’t get opened or read (in the case of a postcard), it is useless, and money is spent for nothing on marketing. So the mailers need to be noticeable and compelling.

Many “Gurus” say you can not create motivation. What this means is that if a seller is not motivated to sell, no matter what you write, it will not create motivation.

But I know for a fact that this is bullpoop! I have done many deals where the seller never even thought about selling their house until they received my mailer. Only then did they realize how much work it was to hold on to their property!

People think that direct mail marketing is as simple as sending a yellow postcard to as many possible people.

That is often why they are unsuccessful. The list is important sure. Your copy is important, and the day it arrives IS important. If you all want more details on what it takes to launch a successful campaign, I will write a separate blog entry just on Direct Mail Marketing. Just leave a comment below, letting me know if it is of interest. If enough comments, I shall share our most treasured secrets to DMM.

SEO Content Marketing

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Let’s try something out. Go to a new window in incognito mode. Do a search for “We Buy Houses In Connecticut“. What do you see? Oh, you lazy bum, I’ll do it for you.

We Buy Houses Fast In CT

That is the most sought-after keyword. Not only do we rank pretty high, you see a picture of my partner, Jess, on a HUGE section next to the results. Can ANYONE miss us when they search for how to get their house sold fast?

I think not!

This, my friends, is SEO Mastery! We ranked in but 4 months!!! Usually, it takes about 8 months to rank on the first page, and if you want to rank 1… expect to wait longer!)

But we cracked the code!

Ohh, I know what you will say.

“Ohh OK, but MSOOTKAUG, your company name “We Buy Houses In Connecticut” is the same as the terms you entered to do the search, So of course, google will favor your site and put your company info up.

Here is what MSOOTKAUG says to that.

RUBBISH! see below!

Home buyers in Waterbury CT

Even when we do not rank first for a specific city (with that keyword phrase), our big company profile is still shown!! (We do not yet rank for We Buy Houses In Waterbury CT…)

There you have it!

October 3rd, 2016.

I am preparing for a trip to Zurich for a robotics competition called the Cybathlon. Yes, I know… what?!

I am a former IHMC (Institute for Human and Machine Cognition), NASA and IIT(Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia) scientist in the field of robotics.

But no one cares…

When I got back 2 weeks later, a motivated seller had opted into our site and filled in our form requesting we buy their house. I rushed to call him back in hopes he still needed to sell. And luckily, the lead was still hot. He needed to sell fast as the house was getting in very bad shape, and the roof had issues.

Check this out!

We landed in Clinton CT. A coastal town that is very sought after. Beautiful quiet, peaceful, and very scenic!  We definitely wanted to buy here, so we were just hoping the house was in decent shape.

As we drove to our destination, we just rolled down the windows and took it all in. The colors of fall were still lingering…

But back to reality. We finally arrived. We got out of the car, and we saw the house…

This had to be the crappiest, ugliest house in a 15-mile radius.


To all you new investors out there, you always want to buy the ugliest smallest dumpiest house in the best neighborhood. Usually, these will bring the best Return Of Investment because the After Repair Value (ARV) is inherently large because of all the other big houses in the direct vicinity sell for a high price. So this brings the value up of all the houses in the area. JACKPOT!

So now you are wondering what the heck the house looked like huh. Easy Seabiscuit!

Here she blows!

Our eyes lit up, and I did the victory dance! I love these kinds of properties. A simple layout that works needs a ton of cosmetic repair, the structure was sound… We wanted this!

We’ll take it!!

So we called the owner on the spot and gave him an offer. So here is why our offers are often accepted. We Never Give Lowball Offers! We simply look at the house, the condition it is in, and the market value of all other houses similar to this one, and we give an offer that corresponds to a fair evaluation of the house. Period.

Often when you do this, the homeowner can see where our offer is coming from, and they have no reason to reject the offer if they really truly want to sell.

This way, they get a fair offer, and we get a fair sale! It works out for everyone!

He readily accepted our offer!


We have a property to flip. Step Aside HGTV, here comes Jess and Jerryll!… one is a genius (me) the other is insane (Jess)…

Jess… The Jess and the brain brain brain brain…

How to make huge profits from house flipping
Photocred Pinky

Couldn’t resist.

Next Up:

How To Find The Perfect Contractor!

Don’t Miss it!

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