10. How To Get The Most Out Of Your Flip

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Flip

Hello …hello, my loyal subjects. So I wanted to write a bit on how to get the most profit out of your house flip. Of course, you can do a ton of things, but let’s talk about using the space you have optimally. Keep in mind that you need to have an awesome contractor to make it a more realistic possibility though.


So first, of course, it is important to have the means to get leads. You need to buy your house at the right price or the game is over before it even started. Then you need a great market. We buy houses in Madison CT and we buy houses in Guilford CT for that exact reason. These are great markets to invest in because everyone wants to be on the golden coast of Connecticut.

So I just realized none of you have a good idea what the house looks like. Sure a picture of a moldy wall here, and a picture of a moldy carpet there but how will I capture your interest unless you can feel like you are here with me, sniffing my sweaty pits and all. So, sadly I can’t bottle my Eu d’Chereelle but I can give you the next best thing.  THIS!

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So this is the original floor plan. The red arrows are where the foot traffic would be to access the different parts of the house.

But MSOOTKAUG, that doesn’t make me feel like I am there.

Hold on my silly but muffins.. patience…

How is this…

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(I recorded a video but I kid you not when I watched it I got really sick. So bad actually I had to go to bed. I am writing this now the next following morning).

So now that you know the inside of the house, here is what we did to make use of as much space as possible.

Focus people!

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First, on the north wall, there are 2 doors, a big slider, and a normal door.  The kitchen counters and cabinets end where that normal door starts. Between the normal door and the slider, there is just dead space. There doesn’t need to be 2 doors on that wall. So we are making the normal door a window and replacing the slider with a french door. So now we gain about 5 ft of space that the door and the space between the door and slider were taking.

The Kitchen does not need to be that big, so we are pushing the wall that separates the common bathroom from the kitchen about 1.5 ft out making the common bathroom a tad bigger.

Then obviously we are opening up the kitchen by removing the corner wall. That corner is housing the furnace vent (in stone), so that will be completely removed.

Next, to enter the master bedroom one has to walk around the stairs into the hallway to the master bedroom door. Why!?

The master bathroom is pathetic. It has the width of a small bathtub.

So we are removing the 2 closets at the entrance and make that a shortcut (hallway) to the master bedroom. Then we are claiming the original hallway for the master bathroom. That claimed space will be his and her shower (dual showerhead). Will be so epic. Clever… no?

So here is the end result.

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This floorplan is not only more functional, allows for a bigger kitchen and both bathrooms significantly enlarged without adding square footage to the house, the house also flows better when it comes to foot traffic.

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So now I need your help. What do you think? Any other ideas you may have?

Let me know in the comments.

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You know when I am rich and famous I will remember you all. I shall call you “The help“. Such a loving term!

So where are we now?

Let me give an actual “Off paper” real word update…

Let’s see. Electrical has started and almost finished. Insulation has gone in all the walls where electrical has been done (external walls).

We already framed the house according to the new more efficient plan (Yeahhhhh baby)

So this is where we are now!


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