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5. How to remove a buried oil tank

December 1st, 2016. We have a house under contract, a thus far good contractor, and a buried oil tank! Find out How to remove a buried oil tank

How To Remove A Buried Oil Tank

We did a lot of research on how to remove a buried oil tank the right way. We needed it done fast and we couldn’t afford any delays. So it had to be done the right way to avoid future delays. We contacted a seemingly good company that knew what they were doing. We actually called several companies and the prices vary. Some were outrageously expensive, others were not so bad. Some were cheaper but it would take long for the soil sample to return the analysis, and others were a bit more costly but the return of sample analysis was faster.

Get A Reputable Oil Tank Removal Company

We decided to go with Enviroshield, and overall they were very good. Highly recommend them. They quoted us about $1400.00 to get the tank removed and do a soil test. It took us 2 weeks to finally get it to this point but finally, we can proceed. We called mark before you dig, and they came by. Not only did they mark where underground cables were, but they also cleaned the entire (long) driveway. Yeah!!

How to prepare to remove a buried oil tank
“Call Before You Dig” marked the in-ground wires

Soon the crew arrived. I could tell they were serious. Look at the toys they brought!

How To Remove a buried Oil Tank The Right Way
Heavy machinery about to kick some serious ass

How To Remove A Buried Oil Tank Step By Step

  1. First, they located the oil tank.
  2. They then drained the remaining oil (they charge per gallon drained)
  3. Then digging commenced.  Every now and then they checked to see if there was more oil in the tank and they drained as they saw appropriate.
  4. They went to work and soon they were ready to extract the tank. They were not allowed to take it out till the fire marshal arrived.
  5. Eventually, the fire marshall arrived. Supervised the oil tank extraction, took pictures and left.
  6. Wow, that was easy?!
  7. Now we wait for the soil test results. Very nerve-racking week to come.

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