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17. Rehabbing With Little Money

Rehabbing With Little Money

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Ever wondered, How To Rehab With Little Money? Well, this will be a treat for you! We had the other lead come in from Connecticut’s leading House Buyers site. Yup, I am throwing a backlink in there. Why? Have you seen this blog’s DA and PA ratings? We are getting some high scores 😉


So we took a look at the house… Oh, Em Gee peoples!

It is a total dump, and in a not-so-good location… if you know what I mean. The seller was in a bind and we really wanted to help him out so…  mistake?  I thought so, but now… I am a bit optimistic.

It is all about the numbers.. the numbers do not lie. So if we can make the numbers work…  we should be good. So this will be our new adventure. We need to rehab this house on a tight budget!

Rehabbing On A Dime: How To Rehab With Little Money

Obviously, there is no simple set formula on how to rehab on a low budget. And note this title does not mean doing a “Cheap Rehab“. No no, we are still going to try to do a quality rehab (even if it really doesn’t matter as the neighborhood doesn’t justify it). But then you will say: well that is stupid. Well, sure… the caveat here is: As long as it won’t cost us extra money, we will go beyond what is acceptable. Trust me, when you follow this new adventure you will see what I mean.

So just hold your horses for a bit and just follow along…

As mentioned…  We HAVE to stay way below budget… but not just that, we need to do a good rehab for next to nothing. So here is what we have learned from our Clinton fiasco.

Stay grounded! Stay on top of things, and control your emotions. This is about the money, not about creating an amazing home YOU want to live in.

On the other hand, going that extra mile (especially if it cost no extra money, or better yet… if going that extra miles actually saves you money), what will end up happening is that even though you won’t get too up the price, people WILL start to fight over the property possibly resulting in a bidding war, or if all that fails, definitely get a few buyers interested. So what exactly do we mean?

Well… to explain, let’s look at the house as it is now.

The plumbing is completely shot. Someone broke in and ripped all electrical wires out to steal the copper wiring, mold, stinks … just a poophole! It needs pretty much everything. So how to do this with little money? Well here is what we are planning on doing…

Bleh… I just realized I left my camera in the car and I need the pictures on it to continue this article. You know what? I will continue this tomorrow. For now, stay tuned.

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