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11. Rock the sheet out of this house

We Have Rocked The Sheet Out Of That House!

One of the most exciting stages of flipping a house second to DEMO DAY, of course, is sheetrocking.

After weeks and weeks of the house being under the mold rotten carpets and deteriorating studs, this will be the first time I will see the house as a house. When sheetrock goes up everything looks clean white, new and it looks like a house.

I had no idea how beautiful the house was. All the changes we have done, all the visualizing in our heads are finally materializing.


So by Friday, the entire main floor of the house will be rocked. In the meanwhile, my awesome motivated seller site is still pulling leads in Connecticut. Then the Dave will start finishing up the “Basement“. I quoted the basement because it is a walk-out basement. I don’t really consider it a basement as it pretty much french doors out to the yard above the ground.

After that will be difficult. I am good when it comes to construction, figuring out loads, stresses, removing walls adding walls, optimizing space and do design work. But now comes the … how you say… “Woman” stuff. Oh so sexist!! Hell, I don’t care. Men suck at that!

Colors of walls, type of tiles, kind of hardware for door knobs cabinet handles… I am screwed!!

The worst part is, I got 0 subscribers to this blog so I can’t even ask for help. Hey, I guess I am talking to myself.

Buttmuffins!! I can swear and no one will give me crap! The one good thing of running a ghost blog I guess.

But alas. I do need help and suggestions!


OK but let me not get too much into it. This is a huge milestone.

A new chapter begins after the sheetrock is up!


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