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9. The Benefits Of A Good Contractor

The Benefits Of A Good Trustworthy Contractor

While we keep hunting for good deals, and working on SEO, and expanding our market on to Killingworth CT and surrounding areas, I have to deal with the contractors. Dave our contractor is such an awesome find. Let me give you a bit of a snippet what happened yesterday. And write this off as “The benefits of hiring a good contractor“.

So from where we left off… a recap. We spent the last 2 days doing.. DEMO DAY!!! Oh, glorious demo day. So much fun!

I text Dave yesternight asking him if he will be there today. We have been delayed a bit due to snow and him feeling a bit sick. This was making me a bit nervous as we can not afford to be delayed so I texted him.

I get a text back “Yes“. OK, so game on. Let’s catch up!

So I drive 1.5 hours to get to the site, and Dave, our contractor is not there. It is already 11:30. I see all his tools are all tucked away nicely so I deduct he was not there the entire day. I know he is a trustworthy guy, but still, am a bit nervous because we need to get it done.

So I text him after giving him the benefit of the doubt after 30 minutes and no Dave.

He texts back ¬†“Picking up materials“. So I exhale a sigh of relief. SO I will wait.. and I am waiting. No Contractor. 1 hour passes by, 2 hours go by…


So finally he shows up…

A good contractor will do whatever it takes to stay on time and within budget!
A good contractor will do whatever it takes to stay on time and within budget!

In a u-haul truck. Apparently, the materials he ordered didn’t get here as the truck broke down. So he rented a Uhaul and picked it all up himself!

Name ONE contractor that would do this!! Thank you, Dave, for being awesome! And this was a lesson for me too. I trust that dude from now on. He is honest and a lot of fun to work with!

Alas.. materials arrived. Windows are going in… and yet again are we changing the floor plan. Man, we need to come up with a concrete plan as we can’t keep changing it.

But this time we got it.

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I think I will write the next blog post on the layout and how we are changing it and why!

It will be awesome!


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